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Today I wanted to focus on other blog sites that have caught my attention and are great examples to follow in the blog world. I have been following a few blogs for years now without ever having a blog of my own. These blogs have been an inspiration to me while learning the baking basics and how to grow into my own sense of baking style and personal brand.

The first blog I ever started following is The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle cookie blog, or simply Sweet Sugarbelle. Callye’s blog was the first place I turned to when I started out making cookies and she has helped me tremendously along the way. Callye is my cookie idol, although I’m pretty sure she has no idea! Everyone in the decorated cookie sphere knows who Sweet Sugarbelle is and she has paved the way for the rest of us to follow in her footsteps. Her blog is jam packed with how to decorate and create new cookies, with simple step-by-step instructions. This blog is useful in helping me to shape my personal brand strategy because its contents are very similar to the approach and concept that I hope to capture of my own personal style. It is a powerful tool to have successful blogs like these to look up to, to see what works and how to go about making the best cookie tutorials.

The other blog that I regularly follow is that of Rosie’s Sweetapolita. She too is a baker, decorator, and lover of the sweet life! Her blog is glorious and filled with pretty little sweets, how-to’s, and new recipes. Although she is going through a major blog change and hasn’t posted in while, the blog still has an abundance of information useful for fellow cakers. Sweetapolita is also a blog that is great to network with, view similar interests, and one to be influenced by.

A new blog that I stumbled upon while searching within the blog network is Sarah’s Little Kitchen. This blog is all about the basics in the kitchen, baking, and the joys that baking brings. I absolutely love this blog because it has a very raw and organic feel to it that conveys a strong passion for baked goods. For me, Sarah’s Little Kitchen is a reminder to never forget the pure pleasures of baking and to remember that simplicity can be just as grand as the fancy extras. This blog can be of tremendous assistance in my personal brand strategy by helping me to create a solid network of fellow bakers and baking lovers who can connect, share ideas, and possibly even collaborate in the future.

When it comes to my personal brand strategy, it is not only about cake but also about creativity and open-mindedness. This next blogger helps me to venture out to my artistic side, which I believe opens up the door to new ideas and techniques. Peggy from The Pigeon Letters has a fabulous blog that is centered around modern calligraphy, watercolor, and the art of lettering. She has quite a large following on both her blog and Instagram. This blog is everything that my creative side loves… inviting colors, beautiful letters, and pretty designs. Everything she does on this blog is an inspiration to me to think outside the box of baking and to bring artful aspects into my decorating methods. The Pigeon Letters blog gives me the vision of how I would like my personal brand to be perceived. The blog teaches, demonstrates, shares, and invokes creativity, all while holding a unique personal brand of its own.

As for the last blog I would like to discuss, this one is more about the stunning world around us and the beauty that mother nature holds. Autumn Twilight MacRae is an outdoor traveling blog by Illinois native Autumn (what a fitting name, right?) McCray. Oh, and did I mention that she is a fellow classmate of mine? Fairly new to blogging, Autumn wishes to share her adventures in traveling and discovering the beauty of the outside world, whether it be all over Illinois or in her own back yard. I too have a deep love for the outdoors and I am very inspired by nature and what the world creates for us. This blog will also benefit my personal brand strategy by honing in on the most natural type of art and splendor that exists, mother nature. I look forward to following Autumn’s adventures and discovering the world’s wonders along with her.

All of the blogs I have listed are unique in their own ways, yet extremely inspiring, motivating, and valuable all at the same time. These blogs help me build my own personal branding strategy by allowing me to network, be inspired by, and even create alongside amazing people in all aspects of baking, decorating, artistic creations, and natural art. I wish to take away a few bits and pieces of each of these blogs to incorporate into my own style and brand in hopes of achieving the same virtual and social success that they have.

Lots of love – Katie♥


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