Sweet Vlogging

Hey there!

This week I want to talk about video blogging, also known as vlogging! I myself have never created a video blog but I watch many other vloggers, all of which are on YouTube. I absolutely love YouTube because they have videos of anything, and I mean ANYTHING you can think of. Plus, it’s extremely easy to use and also creates channels so you can follow vloggers and the all the videos that they have posted. YouTube is a great way to showcase yourself as well as your brand because there is such a large audience and those same people can share your videos on any other social media outlet. It’s an amazing platform to start out on because it is very user friendly and easy to navigate around.

Now that you are all up to date how awesome YouTube is (not that you didn’t already know!), I wanted to introduce you to a vlogger that is all over social media and has her own YouTube channel. Her name is Elise and she owns the channel (and business) My Cupcake Addiction. She posts two videos each week on YouTube that demonstrates how to make yummy desserts, sweet DIY designs to spruce up your kitchen, and even shares the sweet likes of different places she travels to. She has over 3 million YouTube subscribers and hundreds of videos to watch.

Elise – My Cupcake Addiction

I chose to showcase Elise because first and foremost I love cupcakes and anything sweet! And secondly, her vlog is proof that you can be successful talking about and sharing dessert ideas. She has so many great videos… trust me, I couldn’t stop watching them! On top of that, Elise shows that she loves what she does and the spirit of her brand really shines through. I hope to one day be able to create a following like she has just by sharing some of my favorite things in life and continue my confectionery dreams!

If you haven’t already seen Elise in action, I have posted one of her videos below. This video is quite unique because not only does she demonstrate how to decorate cupcakes, but they are SOCIAL MEDIA cupcakes! What a perfect fit! Enjoy the video and subscribe to her channel if you haven’t already.

Lots of love – Katie♥


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