Professionalism on Social Media

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in social media that we can get a little out of touch with our professional side. Social media is all about being social but it is important to remember that you can be professional and still have fun, especially on certain social media platforms. LinkedIn is one of those platforms that is all about the professional side of social media. It is a great place to present yourself as a skilled and qualified individual, as well as network and build career opportunities.

Creating a professional profile on LinkedIn is quite easy. I have created my profile by specifying my area of work which is an entrepreneur and proprietor of Blondie’s Sweet Shop. I listed all of my skills and abilities within that area as well as the schools I have attended in furthering my education. LinkedIn also offers a place to add any certifications that have been earned and this is where I have listed my certificates: Hospitality Human Resources Management & Supervision, ServeSafe, and Baking and Pastry Assistant.

Along with that, I have added areas of interest which can help to express the type of person you are and what really matters to you. Topics such as volunteer work, important causes, and interests in the greater good can speak significantly on your behalf. Lastly, I have displayed the groups that I am a part of and influencers or companies that I follow on LinkedIn. Following professional groups in your area of interest or career field will only help you to further your interaction with others and to reach more connections.

A few professional groups that I recommend checking out on LinkedIn are:

  • Cake Bakers and Decorators – A group specifically for cakers and bakers to meet, share ideas, and interact about cake baking and decorating.
  • California Cottage Foods (If you are a baker residing in California) – A group created to give insight for those operating under the California Homemade Food Act.
  • Socialbakers – Social Media Marketing – This group focuses around social statistics, social media data, and marketing for those who wish to excel at marketing their business.

Although LinkedIn looks much like Facebook, it reigns supreme in the professional world and can truly help to create the professional image that is necessary in the bakery business. Feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile here to see just how I managed to build a professional social media profile. As you can see, being professional is a must in order to advance in your career but there are many ways to have fun and make it your own at the same time!

Comment below and let me know how you have managed to create and maintain a professional image and brand through social media. There is always more than one way and I would love to know what works for you!


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