Blondie’s Sweet Shop all began when a mother started making birthday cakes for her son in 2011. The joys of baking and decorating unique cakes grew into a passion of creating memorable sweets to celebrate all occasions. Blondie’s offers various sweet treats including cakes, decorated cookies, and cupcakes. Whether you are celebrating a themed party, holiday event, or business affair, all items can be customized to achieve the customer’s desired look. Everything from the batter to the frosting (and even the fondant) is made from scratch and always with love. Blondie’s Sweet Shop is delighted to help you celebrate your special day!

The purpose of this blog is to connect with others, and share yummy ideas and sweet creations. There’s tips, tricks, tutorials, and recipes, as well as my own cakes and designs… Pretty much anything you want to know or learn about baking and caking! Don’t see a post on what you are looking for? Just contact me with a request!